Ruffle Dress

This is one of my most recent sewing project. I have gotten into this faze of dresses. I’ve purchased a few and this is one i made. I’m rather proud of how it turned out (although the pictures are poor quality) and I look forward to using the pattern again. Enjoy!

RUFFLE!! I love the trend of ruffles right now.

Waist band cinches in nicely.

Pretty navy blue color with red heels of course! And I added a belt just to break up all the blue.

The back is very simple. Pencil skirt styling.

Pockets!! Another trend in dresses that I’m obsessed with right now :)

And one last shot of the gorgeous neck ruffle.

I hope you enjoyed my little project and are possibly inspired to make something pretty for yourself. I will try to blog more of my projects…. But I make no promises :)

Have a wonderful day,

  • Christie Alvarado

    That dress is so amazing! It looks so good on you too! I wish I could make cool dresses! It looks like the ruffles would be hard to make. I love to see all your creative work. Keep it up! :)

  • Jacqueline

    Are you kidding me! That is so dang cute! Your amazing girl. I’m completely in awe of people who sew. That’s gonna look super cute with those brown boots you posted a while back.

  • Jennifer Ault

    Seriously?! You made that? It is so cute!

  • Jackie Nipper

    I love this dress!!! It’s so feminine and flattering. The color really makes it…