Pratia Tank Top.


Unique, organic, couture, traveled, just a few words I think of when you say “Anthropologie”. I don’t think I’ve met a single soul on this earth that doesn’t love the look and feel of Anthropologie’s clothing, photography and home decor. Meandering and dreaming through their stores has been a favorite past time for as long as I can remember. My dad was the first to introduce me to Anthro and ever since I have been in love!

This top, called the Pratia tank top, was an inspiration from Anropologie that I first saw on this other blog, Made by Lex. She has a great tutorial on her blog of how she made it and quite frankly I like it better than the original. Thanks Lex for being an inspiration to the free spirited sewing world. And here’s how I made mine…

Start with a basic cotton t-shirt of whatever color you like, I chose a light heather gray. Cut off the sleeves to make a tank and hem so that it doesn’t fray. I chose to go a little more detailed here and make a wide racer back just because I like that style. I used one of my other tanks to guide where I would cut. Alrighty, from here you’ll need some more fabric. You will need, a chiffon fabric (preferably one that doesn’t fray), a jersey fabric that is the same or similar color to the shirt you picked out, you can even use another shirt you have, and an accent color such as a darker color or different all together. Follow Lex’s tutorial on how to add the chiffon to your neck line and cut out tons of petals. You are going to need a lot, so pop in a good movie and start cutting. When you think you have enough cut a few more! Then start laying them across each other, pin in place and stich on. Lex used her sewing machine to attach the petals but I just used a old fashion needle and thread. This is going to take a long time so toss in another good movie, hunker down with your favorite drink and start attaching those petals. You want it to look nice and full so don’t skimp. And then your done!! Woohoo you made it. Wear it proudly and tell everyone that you made it, their jaws will drop.

Just remember to have fun with whatever projects your working on. I want to see pictures if you make this top, and let Lex know too, since it is her tutorial!!