Place mat to pillow case

Pillows. I love pillows! On my couch, bed, accent chair, on the floor…. Everywhere!! There are 6 extra pillows on my bed that I don’t need and my dear husband somehow understands and let’s me have my pillows. I love the comfort they bring both physically and visually and they are a great way to add color and pattern to any room and easy to change with the season or mood. But for some reason pillows can be rather expensive, and that is sad :( Whenever I go shopping I “oooohhh” and “aaaaaahhh” over all the pretty pillows and then get a glimpse of that price tag and my admiration turns to “ugh”. Therefore I am constantly on the look out for inexpensive and creative ideas and I recently came across a really good one. Place mats! This is genius!!


On a recent shopping trip to Anthropologie (if you know me at all I don’t have to explain that this is my heaven) there were wonderful place mats in the sale room for about $7. They incorporated beautiful tribal type patterns and awesome color that only Anthropologie can have. Obviously I had to have them, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them. Then I realized that the place mat was double sided. BLING!! (that’s the sound of the light bulb over my head) I could make this into a pillow.

First things first I grabbed my handy dandy seam ripper and made a small opening on one side of the place mat. It doesn’t have to be very big, just enough for your hand to get through.


Then I grabbed one of the ugly pillows that I was constantly recovering and decided it was time for the stuffing to have a new life. Now get barbaric on that pillow and rip, tear, and grab all that stuffing out of that hideous pillow and fluff it up! Yay!!


Now place all that newly fluffed stuffing through the opening in your place mat. I like my pillows pretty fat so I put a lot of stuffing in there but this is personal preference so just stuff until you like the fullness of your pillow.

Next just grab a needle and thread and sew up the hole and viola! You have transformed a place mat into a pillow!


I love the color and pattern that this adds and the back is a different pattern then the front! So when I feel like having a girly living room I’ll show the flowers and when my husband is sick of it there is a wonderful blue pattern on the back.


I hope you have been inspired and can look at conventional things in a slightly different light. I love my Anthropologie place mat pillows :)

  • Tina collman

    Omg amazing idea!!! I am the SAME with pillows but love them… I’m gonna To attempt this, especially when I move out on my own!!!!

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