I’m a SoCal girl who likes the beach, grew up in the mountains, and lives in the city. Sound a little quirky? Yeah that’s me…

I find my inspiration from the creative people that have surrounded me all my life; my artist and painter Dad; seamstress and crafty mom; my talented videographer and designer husband; and my rad artistic friends. You’ll likely find me at the movies or stopping by Anthropology to find a little inspiration; not to mention grabbing a burrito at Baja Fish Tacos before heading to the beach – love!

There’s almost nothing better than someone asking me where I bought my top or dress and I can reply with “I made it!” Yep, they’re always amazed. And that’s how this whole crazy thing started to begin with!

{ How I got into sewing… }
Growing up, I was always watching my mom sew clothes, yep that’s me in this picture at age 3…photo I would watch her whip together a skirt or blouse in an afternoon. As soon as the sewing machine was free it called my name. Thankfully my mom nurtured that calling in me and taught me how to sew. I started with little scrunchies (yeah, it was the 90′s) and then graduated to more challenging projects. She taught me how to read patterns and collect materials. She even let me freak out when it was hard. Now I make many of my own clothes and desire to teach others just like my mom did for me.