Jersey Tank Tutorial

This top is SUPER easy to make. There’s only 4 seams and 3 places to hem and your done! So let’s get going with this easy tutorial!!

To start things off I dissected a shirt that I already had and liked the fit of. Normally I wouldn’t go cutting up my shirts just to make a pattern because I would want to wear them again, right? Well this particular shirt was in need of new life, or the trash can, so I chose to use it to make my first pattern. Grab your seam ripper and gently take apart the seams. Trace the front and back of your shirt onto white construction paper and cut out.

Now you have the perfect pattern of your favorite shirt and you can make as many of them as your heart desires! I found this fabulous gray striped jersey at Joann’s Fabric store and I just had to have it. I like the chill surfer girl feel that it has :) Now you know what to do… pin down your pattern real good and cut it out. If you have striped or a pattern like mind does, do your best to line it up if you need too.

Pin with right sides together and sew your seam up the sides and at the shoulders.

Now for the hem. I ironed the edge of the sleeves under about a 1/4 of an inch and around the bottom about 5/8 inch. I wanted a thicker hem around the waist. Stitch together.

And your done!! See I told you that was going to be easy. I love this shirt and wear it all the time. People even ask me where I bought it so they could go get one too… I tell them to check out my blog :) haha

I added a little pleat detail to the back so it’s nice and fitted up top but floats away from the body down the rest of the shirt. I know I didn’t line up my striped but practice makes perfect right?! If you want to do this on the back of your shirt just make sure you measure the back a little bigger than you would normally need so you have enough fabric to gather.

Enjoy being creative and I hope you’re a little inspired to go make your own shirt! I like this pattern so much I went and bought more fabric today to make another one!!

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    I think this is my favorite so far! I like the simplicity of it. :) And that jersey is amazing! If only I had time to sit around sewing for myself!

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