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Hi! I’m Jess,

Nice to meet you!

I’m a SoCal girl who likes the beach, grew up in the mountains, and lives in the city. Sound a little quirky? Yeah that’s me…

I find my inspiration from the creative people that have surrounded me all my life; my artist and painter Dad; seamstress and crafty mom; my talented videographer and designer husband; and my rad artistic friends. You’ll likely find me at the movies or stopping by Anthropology to find a little inspiration; not to mention grabbing a burrito at Baja Fish Tacos before heading to the beach – love!

There’s almost nothing better than someone asking me where I bought my top or dress and I can reply with “I made it!” Yep, they’re always amazed. And that’s how this whole crazy thing started to begin with!


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Every piece begins with me falling in love with the fabric. I take great pride in each handcrafted piece. Every item is a one-of-a-kind combination of fabric, hardware, craftsmanship, style, and love from my home studio to yours.

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